Friday, February 22, 2008

iWeb-based portfolio

  • Apple iWeb and Ball State iWeb
    Apple iWeb is the web creation tool in Apple iLife applications. Ball State iWeb is the web space hosting your digital portfolio or other sites you create.
  • Why Apple iWeb for digital portfolio?
    A WYSIWYG web design application, Apple iWeb offers a variety of templates and powerful built-in features that allow users to easily create professional-look websites.
  • Get started with your portfolio construction
    • Get VPN, Fetch, and your Ball State iWeb account ready
    • Planning your website
    • Open iWeb, create a site folder (File>New Site and then choose a template)
    • Rename the site to "Home" (Ctrl click on "Site" and choose "Rename")
    • Rename the page under "Home" to "Index"
    • File>New Page if you need to add more web pages
    • Create another site and call it "INTASC_Principles," create an Index page and 10 principle pages. Copy and paste the text of the principles to each page and change the title accordingly.
    • Create a site called Artifacts, and add several pages for your artifacts.
    • You may start adding your rationale/reflection to INTASC and artifacts pages, and connecting artifacts to the INTASC principles.
    • Make navigation bars and/or hyperlinks that allow you to navigate from one page to another
    • When it's done, File>Publish to a Folder, make sure you save it to a right folder (usually a "Sites" folder under the "little house" icon on the sidebar of the Finder window)
    • Open VPN, Fetch, and publish your site to your Ball State iWeb server by drag and drop all the files in your "Sites" folder into Fetch window (before you do this, make sure you don't have anything important that has already in your Ball State iWeb space. You don't want to overwrite it.)
    • Your BSU iweb URL will be:
      The default page it opens on the Internet will be the Index page, or whichever page located on the top of the sidebar of your iWeb design window.
  • Here are two screen casts created by Dr. Clausen
  • FAQ
    Click here for some frequently asked questions
    Click here for some troubleshooting skills

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