Monday, January 14, 2008

iWeb Q&A

Here were several frequently asked questions about Apple iWeb I encountered during iStudio clinic hours:

Q: I enabled the hyperlink but it won't work
A: Check if there is another layer (text box or place holder) on the top of the layer where the navigation (hyperlink text) is located. Always bring the navigation layer to the top (Arrange/Bring to Font or Send to Back allow you to rearrange the layer sequence)

Q: I want to use a different template for one of my current pages without changing my content on it
A: If you're using a version lower than iWeb 08, you can't. You'll have to insert a new page and copy and paste the original content from the old page into it. If you're using iWeb 08, you can simply choose Theme and change the template directly. Go to iCare Corner for a free upgrade to 08.

Q: I updated and republished my site but the brower window still shows me the old one.
A: Refresh the brower window or empty the cache.

Q: I enabled a hyperlink on a picture in one of pages. But now it won't allow me to resize or move the picture
A: Disable the hyperlink first, then adjust your picture. Reenable the hyperlink when you are done.

Q: I made a copy of my domain file. But it won't open on a different computer
A: Check the iWeb version you used to create your domain file see if it is different from the one you used later. Some iWeb 08 files are not compatible with iWeb 06.

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