Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wordpress runs locally on my own "server" now!!!

While compiling data for my dissertation, I feel there is a need to find a blogging system. It doesn't have to be fancy but it should:
  • be safe and private
  • be free
  • have sufficient space
  • allow key word search
  • allow tagging and categorizing and trackback
  • be HTML-friendly
  • be transferable
At first I wanted to try Rapidweaver's blogging system but unfortunately it does not allow key word search. Then I thought of the possibility of running Wordpress locally. I started with Solution 1 (Wordpress + MAMP) recommended by KJC. Steps 1-3 went pretty well but for some reason Step 4 didn't work until I tried Solution 2. I learned in a hard way that you'll have to set the document root to /Applications/MAMP/hotdocs instead of /Users/username/Sites/wordpress to make it work.

Everything works pretty well! Now Wordpress is up and running on my personal Macbook Pro-turned "server" under localhost:8888/wordpress.

Back to play with my new WP sandbox.

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