Thursday, April 24, 2008

TCOM670 Final Project

Name of the Project: Heart of the Dragon

Format: Web

Software Used: RapidWeaver, FinalCult Pro, HTML, iPhoto, Google Calendar


Project Description:

This website was designed as an online showcase, archive, progress monitor, production log, planning and communication platform, and database for the production team of the documentary The Heart of The Dragon.

The Heart of The Dragon is a TV documentary produced for “Digital Insight”, a bi-weekly television show that airs on WIPB TV in Muncie. This documentary features Chinese cultural values and cross-cultural communication between the Chinese and Americans. During the planning stage of the documentary, I felt that there was a need for a website which will provide an online platform for the production team. I started this website in February.

The website consists of nine main pages:

1. Home. A brief introduction of the show.
2. About Us. An introduction of the production team.
3. Production Plan. This page presents the original production plan. A Google Calendar was embedded in the subpage to keep the team members informed with the latest schedule.
4. Interviews. An introduction of the interviewees and their stories. Five subpages, each for one interviewee, are nested in this page.
5. Video. This page contains the scripts, logs, and transcripts of the interview. Three video clips (H.264 web streaming) were embedded in the subpages. Their themes are: Family Values, Life Attitude, and Cross-Cultural Communication.
6. Snapshot. A collection of pictures about culture and production scenes.
7. Production Log. This is an ongoing blog that records the process of the production, including meeting minutes, problems, issues and progress in shooting and editing.
8. Resources. Online assets and information that are useful for the show.
9. Contact Us.


Based on the feedback from my colleagues and teammates, this site has met the original goals. Not only did it help put various pieces together and keep things on track, but also promoted this show in many ways.

On the technology side, I enjoyed the software I chose to develop this site. This was the first time for me to use RapidWeaver to develop a Web site. With my previous experiences in web design (basically DreamWeaver and Apple iWeb), I found this software very user-friendly and powerful. It is easy to learn and allows multimedia integration. Advanced features such as template-based design, iLfe integration, smart publishing, power blogging, and the dual mode of coding/design greatly enhanced both functional and aesthetic design of the pages.

In conclusion, thoughtful planning of the structure, considerate analysis of the needs, and appropriate selection of the tools lead to a well functional website.

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