Sunday, October 14, 2007

Simulations and e-learning: An Epic whitepaper

Clark, D. (2006). Simulations and e-learning: An Epic whitepaper. Retrieved on October 1, 2007, from

This Epic white paper articulates that although simulations provide experiential learning that is quick, cheap and safe, they are still all rare in e-learning. This is not only due to the limitations of the current web-based technology, but most importantly, our limited expectations and imagination. The paper details the seven key types of simulation, explores the design implications of producing simulations and gives metrics for their evaluation - also detailing numerous case studies. The author argues that if e-learning is to mature and motivate, it must embrace simulations as a potent and flexible tool for experiential learning. I agree with the author that the chief limitation to more widespread use of simulations is not technological, or cost-related, but a limitation of imagination because “the field of e-learning simulations is much wider and more diverse than many people think.”

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